behind the label

The study of candle making is truly an art. Each collection here evolved slowly over time and took shape as it found its need with each candle having a reason for being.

This all became apparent through conversation, through listening and by reflecting.  And so, the truth is, the making of these candles came to be from from my own life struggles and those my husband faces daily due to illness. For me, they represent a vehicle, a bridge to rekindle what we may feel is too difficult or have forgotten is able. This being thought,  conversation or prayer which can be in private, during meditation or with someone who respects your journey.  

I sought to create a collection of candles… made better than others. Scents that offer tranquillity to the mind, body and home - that may arouse emotions and memories.

As our lives flow-by quicker each day – it is the hope that a simple candle can help open a door for peace, hope, space and time to reflect.  

As an artisan I don’t just create with my hands, but also with my heart, soul and mind. All of the scents have been personally crafted from my studies of aromatherapy and scents. All candles are hand-poured in Sydney, Australia in small batches and made using the highest quality ingredients and materials from sustainable sources.