Stressed and NEED Relaxing? - 5 Tips to Learn How

Finding the time to relax is so important - it offers amazing opportunities for your health! For those of us over 50, our life changes and evolves. It should be easier to take a deep breath and appreciate all the people we have come to know (and those we would like to forget) but above all, to be grateful for everything we have built in our life - so far of course cause as far as I'm concerned it ain't over until that women sings!

On the other hand, if you’ve spent most of your life stressed, relaxing may be more difficult than you thought. So, here are just some little tips to help how to slow down and relax which can decrease your blood pressure, make it easier to sleep, unwind any muscle tension, and even improve your digestion.

More than that, it can help you feel clearer in your thinking, happier, healthier and far more centered and grounded - and boy don't we need this these days! 

So.. let's start to release some stress! Here are a few ways for you to try.


1. Focus on yourself now.

There are many ways to meditate. I'm just going to introduce a very simple one here. To begin meditating, find a quiet place where you’ll be undisturbed. Sit as upright as you comfortably can on the floor or a cushion but if you can't really - you can lie down with your head slightly raised or just relax on your favorite lounge chair.  The idea is to try and avoid falling asleep but if you do... don't worry - it just means your body needed the rest. 

Usually, a good meditation will take 20 minutes - but again, if this is your first time - don't worry if you can't hold it for 20 minutes.  If you’d like, set a timer so you’re not tempted to interrupt your meditation to check the clock. You can try sitting in quiet stillness and repeat a mantra (preferably a word that ends in ummmm)  or playing soothing music or nature sounds at a low volume. 

Close your eyes and bring your attention to the present moment. Notice your breath and the sensation of your clothes against your skin. Observe any sounds or smells in your environment.
If you find yourself slipping back into anxious thinking—for example, worrying about a deadline or whether you added a certain item to the grocery list—it’s okay.  Gently guide your thoughts back to the present.